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Drug Impact Rehabilitation Enhanced Comprehensive Treatment

Gavel, stethoscope, and drugs

The DIRECT Drug Court Program offers non-violent offenders a judicially supervised treatment regimen. After an assessment by the DIRECT staff, the participant is promptly scheduled into a highly-structured treatment program tailored to meet their individual needs. The treatment plan consists of four phases, each with a specific treatment objective and identified goals. Most phases require regular attendance at Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) sessions. A low-risk program is available at the sole discretion of the staff and presiding judge.

Participants are referred to treatment providers and are required to attend therapeutic rehabilitative activities. Attendance is monitored by assigned case managers. Urinalysis drug testing is conducted at regular intervals. Sanctions are imposed for relapse and failure to follow program guidelines.

A variety of service providers are utilized by the Court, including outpatient substance abuse counseling and, on a limited basis, inpatient treatment. Other services include vocational, mental health, family education, life skills training and AIDS/HIV education.

Upon successful completion of the DIRECT program, the probated participant's term of supervision may be shortened.