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    Office of Judicial Staff Counsel and Special Magistration
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    The attorneys of the Office of Judicial Staff Counsel and Special Magistration advise and provide counsel to the criminal courts and Criminal Court Administration in regard to difficult legal issues and policy concerns. Importantly, the office specifically manages the post-conviction dockets of the criminal courts and maintains a  special advisory role in complex matters before the courts and court programs.


    Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center
    7th Floor
    401 W. Belknap
    Fort Worth, TX 76196-0279

    Charles P. Reynolds
    Chief Judicial Staff Counsel
    Post-Conviction Magistrate
    Nelda T. Cacciotti
    Judicial Staff Counsel
    Mental Health Magistrate
    Joyce L. Meyer



    The Office of Judicial Staff Counsel and Special Magistration is continuously accepting applications from law students regarding internship opportunities with the Criminal Courts.  These internships are unpaid positions.

    Applicants are required to submit:

    ·         a cover letter,

    ·         a resume,

    ·         three references and

    ·         an internship application form.

    Please return all documents via email to:


    Applicant files will be reviewed for potential interviews to be scheduled on an individual basis. 

    Please click on the APPLICATION QUESTIONNAIRE for the internship application form.