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    Question Answer
    How do I pay for a court reporter's record? The court reporter will need to be contacted directly at 817-884-3412 in order to request that she transcribe any portion of a record from a trial or other proceeding.  She will then give a quote and the requesting individual or office will pay her directly for that record.
    Where do I pay my fines and court costs?

    If fees are assessed upon the resolution of a case, defendants will be asked if they can pay all fees that day or if they need a payment plan.

    If fees can be paid that day: court costs/attorney fees may be paid at the County Clerk's payment window which is located on the lower plaza level in the Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center.  The Justice Center is located at 401 W. Belknap, Fort Worth.

    If the defendant is unable to pay all fees in full the same day they will be directed to the Judicial Compliance Office in the County Clerk's office on the 2nd floor of the Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center to arrange a payment plan.