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    Be on time.

    Children should not be brought to court.

    Faxes and E-mail
    The court does not accept filing by fax or e-mail. E-mails will only be accepted by the court coordinator and the court reporter. E-mails to the judge will not be read or acknowledged unless requested and expected by the judge.

    No gratuities will be accepted by the judge or any staff member.

    Ex Parte Communications
    All inquiries concerning motions and other court business should be directed to the court coordinator. Judges are prohibited from communicating about cases with the litigants or their attorneys unless both sides are present. Judge Sturns will not accept phone calls from litigants.

    Dress Code
    Appropriate business attire for attorneys and their staff is required. NO ONE may do business with the court wearing cutoffs, shorts, tank tops, swimwear, obscenity on clothing, house slippers, halter tops, dirty clothing, miniskirts, workout garments, or shirts revealing the midriff. Shirts shall be appropriately buttoned. Attorneys are responsible for informing their clients of the court's dress code.

    Cell Phones
    All mobile phones and pagers must be turned off while in court. Violators may be fined or removed from the courtroom or the device may be confiscated.