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    How Are We Doing?
    Send your suggestions or compliments to the  County Clerk.
    Comments From Recent Customers:
    Becky Farris (Vital Records),
    "Awesome job by Becky Farris at the temporary annex over in Bedford, helping me get my assumed name registered for my brand new business today.  Not only was she very helpful to me, but I watched her help a nice older lady get what she needed, and that nice lady didn't need the County Clerk's office at all - Becky went above and beyond to give her a hand." 
    Jackie B.
    County Clerk's Website and Property Fraud Alert,
    "I recently registered with the Property Fraud Alert system when I received my new car registration.  Today I received a notification regarding a lease on my property (a gas lease).  The lease was legitimate but I've been very impressed with the entire setup including not only the Property Fraud Alert system but also - perhaps most importantly - your web site ( )."
    A Satisfied Customer
    Debbye Harwell, Sandra Welch and Terrie Ramirez (Records Library),
    "I came to get some copies of some deeds..the people down there were very helpful.  I was operating on a time schedule of 15 minutes.  I can't believe how good they were helping me."
    Mark B.
    Gayla Neal (Recording Manager),
    "Thank you again for your help and for such a prompt reply.  This type of service is why I love Tarrant County!"
    Rosalind F.
    Diane Bounds (Official Public Records),
    "I appreciate Diane's help and time concerning County Clerk filings.  Keep up the outstanding job that you and your staff does which is extremely important to the public!!"
    Paul P.
    County Clerk Recording Staff,
    "Thank you for all that your office does to help us maintain a land title evidence plant for your county."
    Jay S.
    Title Data, Inc.
    Kiesha Galvan (Vital Records),
    "She insisted that I remain in her office (Southlake Sub-Courthouse) until the storm passed, then enlisted someone to accompany me to my car.  She was so caring, compassionate."
    Reta C.
    County Clerk Staff,
    "It is always a pleasure coming to the old court house; everyone is always pleasant, efficient, and helpful."
    James M.
    Monika Valdes (Vital Records),
    "Monika guided me through address change procedures and answered several complex S Corporation questions related to my business partner's relocation to California.  I offer my highest professional compliments on Monika's work."
    Roderick H.
    David Ward (Official Public Records),
    "Each person that helped us was professional, yet seeming to care that we got the help that we needed to complete our transaction.  David was a jewel to work with!"
    Helen W.
    Jessica Liguez (Criminal Courts),
    "Jessica behaves in a very professional manner.  While conducting her job duties as expected, she treated me with kindness and understanding.  She was very helpful and assisted me in getting the requested documents."
    Luke S.
    Mary Anne Boyd (Records Library),
    "Ms. Mary Anne was so very helpful to me and my family in doing some research.  I want to just say thank you for having her as one of your staff members."
    Rodney B.
    Accounting and Micro-Imaging Staff,
    "I've never seen a more efficient system or responsive staff.  I sincerely appreciate it."
    Bryan A.
    Lissa Willis (Administration),
    "It is rare now days to work with people who are as helpful and kind as Lissa."
    Monica J.
    Bonnie Spigelmyer (Mail Room) and Barry Patrick (Probate),
    "Bonnie literally led me by the hand and directed me to the information I needed.  I am disabled and it would have been very difficult and costly for me to make the trip downtown.  Barry did an outstanding job helping me with my needs and requests.  Both of these employees went above and beyond what was required of them."
    Laurie G.
    Angela Christian (Official Public Records),
    "Tarrant County should be proud to know how dedicated and caring she is to the public."
    Ms. Miller
    Kenyatta Williams (Civil Courts),
    "This is the type of excellent service that I have come to expect of the Tarrant County Clerk's Office."
    Chris A.
    Rick Hartmann (Civil Courts),
    "Rick knocked it out of the park....he has residence in my personal hall of fame."
    Ron D.
    Jaye Lowe (Vital Records),
    "Jaye was fast, efficient, and professional."
    Robert F.
    Vital Records Staff,
    "Thank you for your assistance, for your 'I care' attitude, and for all you do--all the time...I truly appreciate you!"
    Lawson T.


    County Telephone Operator 817-884-1111

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