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    In Tarrant County, it’s probation with some pop

    The Tarrant County SWIFT court program, is designed to keep problem offenders out of prison by focusing on prompt, attention-getting punishment.

    SWIFT, or Supervision With Intensive enForcemenT, has become the last stop for many offenders in danger of being sent to prison. Unlike traditional probation, in which offenders are often allowed to let violations stack up before having their probation revoked, SWIFT uses immediate sanctions.

    When a SWIFT offender violates a technical condition of probation, such as missing a scheduled meeting, he or she is immediately sent before a judge and often receives a quick punishment, such as a weekend in jail.

    SWIFT, launched in September 2011 in Tarrant County, operates on an annual grant from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. This year’s grant totaled $245,000 and has enabled the SWIFT program to serve more than 660 participants during fiscal 2014.

    Read more about the SWIFT program...

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    News release date: September 12, 2014