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    Unclaimed Funds

    Tarrant County Government Legal Notice to the Public

    Tarrant County Government is publishing an unclaimed property list as required by the Texas Property Code Sec.76.201. This property is money (valued from $50 to $100) presumed to be abandoned and is subject to be claimed by the entitled party.  

    Unclaimed amounts over $100 are remitted to the State of Texas and can be viewed using the following link -

    The County Auditor administers the County Unclaimed Property Program.  There are specific procedures to ensure the money is delivered to the appropriate owner claiming the funds. 

    Use the links below to go to the appropriate topic and to search the list to find out if you or your business may be owed money by the County.

    Steps to Claim Listed Property:

        Amounts Held by Tarrant County ($50 - $100)


    • Click the link

        Unclaimed Fund List  -  (Last updated on October 6, 2017)

    • If you find your name or are an interested party of someone named on the unclaimed property list, please print out and submit the appropriate form available below to claim your funds.

    Unclaimed Property Forms:   (Adobe PDF):

    If you are the person listed on the Unclaimed Money List:
        Original Owner Claim Form

    If you are claiming money listed under a name other than your own:
        General Claim Form

    If you are an officer or other company official claiming on behalf of a corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, professional association, non-profit organization or private organization:
       Business Owner Claim Form

    If you have any questions, please contact the Auditor's Office at 817-884-1205.


    Steps to Claim Listed Property:

        Amounts Held by State of Texas (Over $100)


    Unclaimed Amounts over $100 are remitted to the State of Texas and can be viewed by using the following link -



    Money in a sack