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    Municipality sets terms of abatement by agreement; other taxing entities may choose to participate at identical terms.

    • Maximum length of abatement is 10 years.
    • Maximum amount of abatement in 100 percent.
    • Base or existing value may not be abated; no abatement of inventories, supplies, etc.


    • Minimum investment - New business: $5,000,000 Expansion: $3,000,000.
    • Applicable to new construction and expansions/modernization.
    • Abatement on eligible real and fixed personal property.
    • Minimum job requirements include 25 jobs for new business and sustained employment level for existing business expansions.
    • No abatement for companies moving within the County; considered if agreeable to both cities.
    • Additional evaluation criteria: environmental impacts (air quality); diversity of employment base and commitment to a diversified workforce; minimum of 25 percent of new jobs created filled by Tarrant County residents; use of minimum 15 percent DBEs and 25 percent Tarrant County contractors in construction/suppliers/service contracts; provision of health care benefits.
    • County approval of a tax abatement applies to both County and Hospital District ad valorem taxes.


    • Company begins negotiations with City; City makes County aware of request and invites County comments during negotiations.
    • Company makes application to County for participation in abatement.
    • City formally advises County and other taxing entities of abatement agreement.
    • Once approved by City, County action to participate must take place with 90 days of execution of the municipal abatement agreement.



    Tax Abatement Policy (Adobe PDF) - 31KB

    Tax Abatement Application (Microsoft Word) - 101KB

    Tax Abatement Application (Adobe PDF) - 86KB

    Tax Abatement Evaluation Report-Due April 30, 2006 (Microsoft Word) - 103KB

    Tax Abatement Evaluation Report-Due April 30, 2006 (Adobe PDF) - 93KB

    Instructions for Completing the Application and Evaluation (Microsoft Word) - 62KB

    Instructions for Completing the Application and Evaluation (Adobe PDF) - 85KB