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    Live a more colorful life


    Live a More Colorful Life! is an initiative by Tarrant County Public Health to educate consumers about the benefits of incorporating a wide and colorful array of fruits and vegetables into their daily diets.
    On this web page you'll find easy-to-access information, including tips for selecting fresh fruits and vegetables, recipes from well-known local chefs and nutritionists, as well as ongoing features highlighting specific produce that is in-season locally.
    We hope you enjoy this resource and come back often to learn new ways to Live A More Colorful Life! 

    "Find Your Superpowers!" posters

    Did you know that certain fruits and vegetables have SUPERPOWERS?

    They come in many colors and can help you maintain a healthier weight, boost your energy and add vitamins and minerals to your diet. Some may also help lower your risk of cancer, high blood pressure and other chronic diseases. These posters tell you all about these superpowers. Print one for yourself so you'll know how to add a rainbow of colorful fruits and vegetables to your life and discover your own superpowers!

    View poster in English

    View poster in Spanish


    Want more recipes?  Enter the name of your favorite produce in the search box, located at the top of this page, to get more information and recipes.

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