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    Early Voting Reports on cork board as a sample image

    September 7, 2019 - Town of Trophy Club Special Election - Early Voting Reports


    Live Voting Statistics (Tarrant County voters only) *** NEW Tool

    Live Voters In-Person Totals



    Daily Early Voting Statistics - End of Day (Tarrant County voters only) 


    Count of Early Voters In-Person and Mail Totals




    Roster - Early Voting by Personal Appearance and by Mail

    Personal Appearance Roster file layout

    By Mail Roster file layout


    Search items by entering keyword(s) in the search field. The table will filter the results as you type. Click the header of a column to alphabetically sort the items. Click again to reverse the order of the sort.

      Ballot by Mail In-Person
    1 Town of Trophy Club by Mail Town of Trophy Club In-Person

    Texas Election Code Section 87.121 - EARLY VOTING ROSTERS: 

    (a)  The early voting clerk shall maintain for each election a roster listing each person who votes an early voting ballot by personal appearance and a roster listing each person to whom an early voting ballot to be voted by mail is sent.

    (b)  For each person listed, the applicable roster must include: (1)  the person's name, address, and voter registration number; (2)  an identification of the person's county election precinct of registration; and (3)  the date of voting or the date the ballot was mailed to the person, as applicable.

    (c)  Each roster shall be updated daily.

    (d)  Each roster may be maintained in any form approved by the Secretary of State.


    (e)  The clerk shall preserve each roster after the election for the period for preserving the precinct election records.

    (f)  Information on the roster for a person to whom an early voting mail ballot has been sent is not available for public inspection, except to the voter seeking to verify that the information pertaining to the voter is accurate, until the first business day after election day.

    (g)  Information on the roster for a person who votes an early voting ballot by personal appearance shall be made available for public inspection not later than the beginning of regular business hours on the day after the date the information is entered on the roster under Subsection (c).

    (h)  Information on the roster for a person who votes an early voting ballot by mail shall be made available for public inspection not later than the day following the day the early voting clerk receives a ballot voted by mail.




    This page will change on the first day of Early Voting for each election.




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    County Telephone Operator 817-884-1111

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